"Bunny Grein, Wimpy Wellington, Taffy Williams, Ginger Crowfoot had all come within the last few weeks and will go down in history as the 'Great Men' of 106 Squadron."

Guy Gibson - Enemy Coast Ahead

106 Squadron Lancasters

Around 1,000 Airmen flew from RAF Syerston with 106 Squadron between October 1942 and November 1943. This involved some 120 Lancasters which flew around 1,500 operations. 320 Airmen were Killed, 47 became POWs and 4 Evaded.

'The Great Men of 106 Squadron - Gibson's Lancasters at RAF Syerston' tells the story of those men in their own words.

'Lancaster Bale Out' tells the story of my cousin's crew in 106 Squadron who flew between April and July 1943, predominantly in the words of the Bomb Aimer, Sgt Fred Smooker - the sole survivor when they were shot down on 9th July 1943.